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"You don't do anything without an idea" — David Lynch

We think the first time we've seen our design stolen was 2019 at SEEK Berlin. Our RD-Lizard Jacket has been 80% copied by Spyder brand. We've had zero feedback contacting them. Unfortunately, we don't have any patent for an RD-Lizard Jacket and it looks like we are helpless facing big corporations with their army of lawyers.

The same idea from the RD-Lizard Jacket has been copied for the second time by ORBIT Gear and LIVINGBONE collab. But this time the amount of copypaste was not that big. They've "just" got the jacket's main design feature the idea of detachable long part.

ORBIT Gear and LIVINGBONE — these brands are as young, as we are. But it looks like they do not hesitate to steal the same way as the big corporations. We are sure there is no future for the brands if they base their designs on stolen ideas.

And now we have the third and most crazy case of stealing our design so far. A few days ago we were linked to the Propermag post. The photo below - jacket by the quite famous Paul & Shark brand, quite obviously reminding RD-M65 With Symbiosis System. A unique pocket system, designed by RIOTDIVISION team, is copied to the smallest details.

In 2019 we've got two suspicious orders from Italy, with a shipping address directly to the clothing design company. We are quite sure that this company took the jacket's idea and, with few minor tweaks, sold the concept to Paul & Shark brand.

Original ideas — these are the major things to make brands different from each other nowadays. Older brands do run out of ideas. They are halted in their progress, their "classics", with some exceptions, is not popular amongst progressive individuals anymore.

And now we are addressing all these big corporations: are you willing to pay some big money to your overcrowded design departments for stealing ideas from others?

Such a shameless way of doing business is more suitable for a cheap mass-market, with a 'money only' purpose. But you are not the same, you are selling not just the clothes, but your brand name values and original ideas. Ain't you?

If you like another brand piece of clothing, don't steal. Collab! It will drive the young generation to your brand and bust the young brand to grow. Only working together and supporting the young will allow you to share the market without harming yourself.