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The RIOTDIVISION brand was founded in 2010 in Kyiv.

The core of RIOTDIVISION's philosophy is the desire to unite people from different worlds and communities around the brand, creating a community of free people with a strong spirit and clear mind.

The founder of the brand, Oleg Moroz, has been fond of clothes since childhood, creating things from scrap materials.

The path from a hobby to his life's work was difficult, full of routine work, and along the way, the future chief designer of the brand had to master many different professions that, at first glance, had nothing to do with creating clothes.

Time put everything in its place. Working as a storekeeper gave him the opportunity to learn about warehousing and organization. The profession of a videographer is to understand the intricacies of content creation. My passion for Japan, its culture, language and customs will permeate all of the brand's collections. At some point, having saved a certain amount of money from his main job, Oleg Moroz started creating the first mini collection.

Almost immediately, a strong and reliable community of fans began to form around the brand. Ukrainian football fans perceived RIOTDIVISION as a kind of totem of belonging to the movement. But representatives of the film and IT industries also saw the brand's collections as a reflection of their philosophy. Next came the entry into the international market, exhibitions in Berlin and Florence. The opening of a flagship store in the center of the capital of Ukraine. What seemed to be a difficult period of covid times. The beginning of a full-scale invasion, which became a serious test for the whole country.

An important role in the development of the brand is played by its team, where each person is in his or her place. Each team member has a distinct personality, but at the same time, we all respect and understand teamwork. This is what allowed the brand to withstand and maintain its position during the outbreak of a full-scale war. And also to strengthen the common vision and philosophy shared by both its representatives and friends. Our brand does not work with clients, we have like-minded people whom we respect and value very much. That is why since 2015 RIOTDIVISION has been supporting the military, the defenders of our country. Since 2022, it has also been offering discounts to military doctors and representatives of the State Emergency Service.

The core of the RIOTDIVISION philosophy is a special worldview.

Art, music, sports, culture, and military affairs. This is our foundation and the ground on which the constant development of the brand and its friends is based.

Through the search for the best solution and constant experimentation, we reflect our own philosophy in our clothing.

We create a community of free, strong-minded people. And our main desire is to unite people from different worlds and communities around the brand who share a common vision.

We do not want and do not participate in the constant pursuit of the ghosts of the "fashion world".