Riot Division Ultimate City Jacket

Riot Division Ultimate City Jacket

199.00 300.00

We have opened Ultimate City Jacket preorders at our site, due to the start of the production.

All site preorders will be shipped in the first weeks of August.

Get your Ultimate City Jacket with 30% discount from final retail price.

Preorder ends on 15th of June.

3 in 1, a truly functional and versatile jacket that adapts to any weather or life circumstances. Parachute system is a patent pending technology allowing you to make your jacket shorter with just a simple hands move.

Adjust your sleeves for a perfect fit, store everything you need to carry in specially designed pockets and let everybody enjoy your stylish look. In case you don’t need a jacket you can always take it with you as a bag carrying your belongings.

- 3000/3000 double layer membrane

- ultralight polyester top fabric with elastane

- taped seams

- additional improvements that could not be done in Ukraine due to the lack of necessary technologies