Riot Division Stealth Parka (Modification 2) RD-SP(M2)

Riot Division Stealth Parka (Modification 2) RD-SP(M2)

128.00 320.00

Our parkas are getting constant upgrades every season becoming a true RD classics.

Superb fabrics were picked up for our new FW18 Stealth Parkas to guarantee some nasty weather surprises protection.

Nylon with adding of Lycra fabrics with 2-layer membrane coating add some winning points to RD parka neat silhouette.

Durable military grade zippers used by Lithuanian army.

Removable hood to provide instant transformation from a sportive to a classy look.

Fabric: 92% Nylon 8% Lycra, 2-layer membrane 8000/8000

Fittings: Arta-F (made in EU)

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