Riot Division M65 Insulated RD-M65I FW18 KHAKI

Riot Division M65 Insulated RD-M65I FW18 KHAKI

160.00 320.00

Upgraded classical M65 jacket made of 8000/8000 membrane with all seams taped:

  • 2-layer membrane 8000/8000

  • waterproof with all seams taped

  • hidden hood

  • 4 internal pockets with water resistant zippers

  • zippers on both sides for comfort and ventilation

  • transformable pockets system — m65 silhouette is transformable to a regular jacket by converting 8 frontal pocket into just 2


Outer: 92% Nylon 8% Lycra, 2-layer membrane 8000/8000

Inner: 100% Nylon

Insulation: GLoft

Fittings by Arta-F (made in EU)

GLoft insulation to provide comfort down to -5 degrees.

The GLoft filler is made of high-quality two-component polymers,

The structure of GLoft insulation resembles a high quality goose down.

3 times more innovations: molecular spiral form, premium hollow fiber, unique formation of fiber groups.

Perfect personal climate control: Due to the unique structure of GLoft hollow fibers, humidity can be quickly eliminated. However, the warm air is delayed.

Gloft fibers themselves do not absorb moisture and provide perfect climate control.

The weight of individual fibers of GLoft is much less than usual, which allows you to accommodate much more fibers per gram and keep your body dry and warm.

GLoft fibers provide incomparable compressibility. This guarantees an optimal heat capacity at a smaller size packaging and due to their lighter weight. The fiber structure, crimped at the molecular level.

Provides immediate optimal expansion, even after a long compression period.

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