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The resistance of independent political alliances to dictators and tyrants, the struggle of republics against empires, and the uprising against injustice and oppression are eternal plots of human history.

The conceptual basis of the collaboration between RIOT DIVISION and AZOV ONE is the search for continuity and succession of the traditions resisting tyranny in Ukrainian warrior culture.

Ukraine is a unique territory that has been nurturing a unique type of individual for centuries. The focal point of its spiritual constitution is the pursuit of freedom and the willingness to sacrifice everything for it, even one's life.

The warlike Scythians, the Kyivan Rus army, the free-spirited Cossacks, and the fighters of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army are all various manifestations of the same worldview, in which the fight for freedom, the right to self-determine one's sociopolitical vector, and the fulfillment of warrior virtues are the most fundamental and essential principles.

Azov is the latest manifestation of the phenomenon of Ukrainian soldiers' resistance to tyranny. Since 2014, the unit's fighters have been implementing our common project of freedom with arms in hand, defending Ukrainian independence from Moscow's oppressors. In 2022, after 86 days of defending Mariupol, these flesh-and-blood men entered the pantheon of heroes of the Ukrainian myth. Today, Azov continues to serve the idea of Ukraine's independence, destroying the invaders and cultivating a new Ukrainian knighthood.

The prints reflect the continuity of generations of warriors who lived and fought on these lands and depict important artifacts — weapons from different eras used by them.

The story of the Azov fighters is not over. The flame of resistance to tyranny will not go out. The song of freedom will be resounded in these lands no matter what.
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