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CYBER WARFARE LEGION — an informal association of thousands of cyber specialists from every corner of our planet,
who from the first minutes of the full-scale war stood in defense of the freedom and independence of Ukraine.

Every day, the enemy silently strikes Ukrainian critical infrastructure and other objects that ensure the functioning of cities and the country as a whole.
And only thanks to the talent, skills and dedication of the cyber community, Ukraine manages to contain the numerous attacks of the enemy.

Perhaps this is not the most famous battle, its scale is not obvious, but in fact it affects every citizen of Ukraine.
Thanks to the combined efforts of the Armed Forces and the cyber community, we are all protected in cyberspace.

Thank you to all cyber warriors for your work, for your protection.
We thank the cyber specialists from hundreds of countries of our beautiful planet, who, together with Ukrainian specialists, protect the world of free people.

You've been in the shadows for most of your life, unable to tell your hidden victories even to those close to you, but we know you are.

We are infinitely grateful to everyone!

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